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What is Flexion and Extension MRI for C-Spine?

Flexion and Extension MRI allows the physician to see the patient’s neck not only while it is in a supine position but also while the neck is bent up and down. Many times patients with whiplash or other neck conditions are in greater pain while they are flexing and extending their neck. CareFirst Imaging is able to capture these discords while other MRI centers in the area do not provide this technique. The patient benefits from having better image data and it does not take very long to add flexion and extension to the patient’s scan time.

How is the CareFirst Imaging protocol different than most MRI centers for Traumatic Brain Injuries?

CareFirst Imaging uses a specialized protocol called Susceptibility Weighted Image (SWI). The SWI image is possible through the use of algorithms that differentiate the densities of adjacent tissues. While the signal density forms the basis of all MR scans, the SWI scan is 3-to-6 times more sensitive as it accounts for the susceptibility of all brain elements, including hemorrhages – hence the name susceptibility-weighted image. This differs from the more common DTI protocol. DTI works by measuring the diffusion of water through tissue. With DTI, measurements are isolated to identify the preferred direction of flow, which allows for the isolation of neural tracts from the brain’s white matter. The SWI image shows iron concentrations in the brain and can detect a brain hemorrhage even when the general brain scan appears negative.


Excellent images fast exams fewer repeat exams

What is CareFirst’s reporting turn-around time and are the reports accessible online?

Dr. Chintan Desai, the chief radiologist for CareFirst Imaging, reads reports on a daily basis and our office will fax your patient’s report within 24-48 hours. Physicians are given a username and password to log into their own online database where they can see all their patient’s reports in one place, as well as the key images and prior reports. Physician staff can download a PDF version of the report onto a computer hard drive and upload it into a patient’s file.

What is ACR accreditation?

CareFirst Imaging is accredited by the American College of Radiology. Accreditation is a rigorous voluntary review process to ensure that we are meeting all nationally accepted standards. The measures by which we are reviewed on serve as mechanisms to evaluate quality and cost-of-care performance. These measures provide an objective assessment of how well and how appropriately health care is delivered to you.

Does CareFirst Imaging charge extra for these specialized MRIs?

No, CareFirst Imaging provides exceptional value to patients. We bill at 60% of the national average, and we do not charge additional fees for the weight-bearing, flexion and extension, and TBI protocol. We take almost all insurance including BCBS, Medicare and Medicaid.

How do I contact CareFirst Imaging Center

If you have questions about scheduling, or the benefits of CareFirst Imaging Center for all your MRI needs, please contact us using for form below. You can also contact us via email at or by calling us at (833) 682-7818.