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  •  1714 SW 17th St, Suite 300, Ocala, FL 34474

  •  616 N Palmetto St, Leesburg, FL 34748

  •  1203 SE 8th Ave, Cape Coral, FL 33990


CareFirst Imaging provides high-field and open upright weight-bearing MRI technology in a beautiful setting to make it easy for patients to feel comfortable. Here are a few facts about our technology:

  • Upright MRI allows images to be captured of a patient's spine in a weight-bearing position, which may reveal herniations or bulges that do not present as significantly when the spine is in a relaxed (laying down) position.
  • Flexion and Extension views of the spine allow a physician to see the patient’s neck or low back in extended views. Many times patients with whiplash or other spine conditions will experience greater symptoms in these positions.
  • CareFirst Imaging uses a specialized protocol called Susceptibility Weighted Image (SWI). The SWI image is possible through the use of algorithms that differentiate the densities of adjacent tissues; the SWI scan is 3-to-6 times more sensitive as it accounts for the susceptibility of all brain elements, including hemorrhages.
  • CareFirst Imaging offers better joint imaging by utilzing high-field coils that specifically target joints and provide the best images available.
  • Turn-around time for CareFirst Imaging reporting is 24 hours.